11 July, 2014

Friday before vacation

What a joy -- one more day to go and then .... vacation!  Starting off with a fantastic early b'day present trip and then a second, and probably more hectic, week at home hosting my sis and nephews.  If the weather keeps up it'll be super easy to keep them happy and occupied.  This next week, while I'm gone, it is predicted that it'll be in the 90's all week!!  That is hot.  Super hot.  I am kind of glad I'll be missing out on that.

I had a fast and busy day yesterday and I wanted to get laundry done in the evening, but instead of that there was a trip to Milagro in Kirkland to hear some music.  A musician that some friends just love.  However they had set him up outside on the patio and he had only a drummer and his bass player with him AND (final straw) you couldn't hear.  I especially couldn't hear because I was sitting right next to the open part of the restaurant where they had the music blasting, drowning out the live musicians.  I understand that you can't leave the inside of a restaurant completely quiet but they certainly could have lowered the volume.  Oh ... and a kid completely out of control.  Not an ideal situation. 

But I won't complain.  I've got a To-Do list here and I'm going to work my way through it this morning and as far into the afternoon as I need to.  And then?  Then I'm outta here baby!  I've got laundry to do and dinner out at 7 o'clock.  I know -- two nights in a row!  I'm going to be exhausted by the time I get on the plane which is absolutely perfect!  I need to sleep on the plane.

I'm taking Tink to a new groomer tomorrow.  She really needs it after that terrible haircut from PetSmart.  And just in time for the super hot weather.  I am sure she'll be much more comfortable with some of that fur gone.

Yesterday I bought myself a present -- some yarn (of course).  DBNY is hit or miss and, for me anyway, mostly miss.   But yesterday they had discount codes for percentages off your purchase, depending upon the final price.  There was some Cash Iroha, which has been discontinued for a long time, that I had my eye on.  I snagged 10 skeins of a lovely green for $77 including shipping!  That is a deal.  A steal one might even say.  I'm quite pleased with that purchase.  Happy (very early) birthday to me. 

While I'm gone I'll post pictures to Facebook when I can and, hopefully, I'll get a few up here as well.  It's more difficult to post on my blog because I don't have a reliable blogging app on my iPad.  Facebook is so seamless.

Now to my list!

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