03 July, 2014

It was not my intention to be in Paris for Bastille Day!

No, it was not.  But that's how it's going to work out.  When I was figuring out what week would work for me for my trip it wasn't even in my mind.  Well I did know it was in July, but truth be told I thought it was the 7th for some reason.  So all my friends have been pointing out to me that Monday the 14th is Bastille Day.  That is the day I have set aside to have a seriously marvelous solo wander, so I guess I don't mind so much.  It'll just mean that there will be more people out and about and perhaps more little markets or parades or what not.  I'll stay away from the huge gatherings  -  the big military parade down the Champs Elysee, for example.  It'll be fine.  I suppose the shops will mostly be closed, but since I don't go to Europe to shop, I'm not bothered by it.  An adventure, that's what it'll be.  And if the crowds are really too much for me, I still have the following Saturday and Sunday.  Oh heavens -- I have another entire week to get through, so I'd better shut down the day dream machine!!

Our noon knitting group was just two - Monika and me.  I knit on the bus coming in to work because it's such an easy, portable project (the Venomous Tentacula) as long as I'm not on row three, the beading row.  I am just now ready to add the third ball of yarn and when that ball is gone I'll start with the decreases.  There are eight rows in a repeat, so if I start the decreases on row 4 (well, 5 really) that should make one beaded point the center.  I just love this thing! I love that the border is more organic than lace.  It's very different. 

True to form, our lovely nice sunny and hot weather is now under clouds and there were even a few sprinkles of rain on the way in this morning.  It's not supposed to rain for the 4th, but it's not going to be bright and sunny again until Saturday, according to the forecast.  I won't be going out to look at fireworks anyway, so I don't care. 

There's a workshop I need to attend this morning.  I'd rather crawl under my desk for a nap.

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