01 July, 2014

The bus just never showed up!

How annoying is that?  VERY annoying.  But I got to work nevertheless.  It is quite mystifying when one looks at the bus app and sees that it is supposed to be there "NOW" and there is no bus, nor has there been a bus.  And then the next time it's refreshed the next bus shows and the first has disappeared.

I am like a zombie today.  I got quite wound up last night.  I was at Ben's and he has a piece of property with a large greenbelt behind it.  The critters are abundant around there and right now the rabbits are all over the place.  Tink is a terrier and prey driven so she always wants to go after them.  Last night she just slipped out of my grasp as I was hooking her up to a long line in the back and away she went.  I'll skip all of the wandering and calling and wading through brush and nettles(!).  She was recaptured finally.  I was a mess!  Do you know what it would do to me if she got lost?  There are things in the woods there that would kill her in a heartbeat.  But all's well that ends well.  Except I was quite wound up, as I said.  A couple of glasses of Pinot Grigio helped put me over the hump but I wasn't hungry at all.  I forced myself to eat a bit of hummus and some carrots and I did some knitting and watched the Mariners win.  I dropped off around 10, woke up at midnight and pretty much that was it for me.  I dozed around 4 o'clock for a couple of hours.  My mind was going a mile a minute.  I kept telling myself - hey!  It's 12 more days until vacation.  Slow down!!  Hah.  Well, I'm downing a double latte.  Hopefully two shots of espresso will kick start me.

Here's the trouble with wireless headphones (as if a missing bus isn't bad enough).  If you don't keep them charged up you don't have any music or audiobooks to drown out the people on the bus.  I think I'm going to go back to the ear buds.  It's supposed to be 90 degrees today.  Perhaps I'll skip my run and walk up to get new ones at lunch instead.

On Sunday I also visited the Ballard Market for the first time this spring/summer.  I didn't buy any foodstuffs except a jar of homemade kimchi.  They didn't have anything else I particularly wanted.  BUT I did find some yummy handmade soap and the flowers there are always spectacular.  I got some sweet peas and the scent is out of this world.  They still look perfect.

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