28 September, 2016

Clumsy clumsy me

Yesterday was beautiful and sunny and I had errands galore.  I had my manicure and pedicure, a went to Costco, and after lunch drove to the Redmond recycle center.  I had skipped Tinkerbell's park walk, which I would have normally done after I ate lunch, because she was peacefully snoozing in her bed and I had to get to Redmond before traffic got bad.  So when I got home around 2 I just assumed she would want to continue her snooze-fest in the front in the sun or in the back on the deck.  But she was whining and not content to be in the front.  I therefore assumed she wanted to go for a walk, so I grabbed her leash and hooked her up and urged her towards the front door.  No deal though, not where she wanted to go.  Fine, so I walked back towards the back yard thinking she wanted to walk around out there but no dice, she put on the breaks before we even got to the door.  Well what the heck?  So we walked back up into the dining room and she walked through and out to the door to the garage!  She wanted to go to the park!  We go out that door when we take the car.  I wasn't entirely convinced so we walked through the laundry and down into the garage and didn't she stop by the car's back door!  Well good communication like that is rewarded to off we went to the  park.  And now who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks??

I had a little time before I had to start dinner when we got back so I was sitting on the couch contemplating my shawl -- bind off or go another row?  I got up and caught my little toe on the corner of the rattan chest we use as a coffee table.  Oh lordy did that hurt!  It woke me up in the night and kept me up for hours.  It is black and blue and swollen.  But I can put weight on it so I am skipping my 3 mile run for today -- as if I have a choice - and I'm going to put it up and ice it and hope for good things.  I think I just stretched the tendons or whatever.... ligaments ...  If anything was broken I wouldn't be able to hobble around on it.  I don't think.  In any case, if it's not better in a couple of days I'll head to the doctor.

And speaking of doctor, I keep getting these dire notices saying my health insurance is finished and I had better make sure I'm covered.  I am pretty darned sure I handled this WAY before I retired, but I'll double check today.  Maybe even triple check.

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