30 September, 2016

Nature on the doorstep

Yesterday evening I saw a bear cub.  We both did, so I know I didn't imagine it.  Ben had just gotten home and I was standing near the doors to the deck when a bear cub walked into my sightline from the right, and sauntered right across the deck!  I said "A bear!" Clever, me.  I watched, mouth agape as it leisurely strolled across the deck right in front of my eyes,  Ben said, "Get a picture!" but by the time I did it had started towards the back to the ravine.  I opened the door so I wouldn't be shooting through the glass but the noise startled it and it gained speed and headed down the ravine.  Where was mama bear and papa bear?  Not far,  I would suspect.

I had to drive into the U District yesterday to do a little banking and I stopped at Trader Joe's in Redmond on the way home for some wine.  Before that I walked across the shopping center parking lot to the craft store to see if I could find some washable yarn for a pair of Seahawks color socks for Ben, since the angora blend ones didn't last long.  The store is a Benjamin Franklin craft store that I thought would have crappy yarn, but indeed they had some lovely stuff!  Also the acrylic I needed but I am sure going to go back there.  I am happy I found a LYS with something other than Red Heart brand.

I finished up the Cheyenne shawl and bound off so that I can start the socks today.  I would like to get a few projects blocked but that will have to wait until next week since we are having company for dinner Saturday and I don't want a bunch of stuff all over the floor.

I fully intended to go to the gym this morning for my run, even though my foot was still a bit sore yesterday.  But that is not going to happen.  It is still WAY too sore for that.  I can't imagine getting it into my tight running shoe.  I still get zings of pain that make me shiver.  The swelling is down but it is still very bruised and sorer than I would like.  Hopefully I can get Tink to go twice around the park.

Tonight at 6 o'clock is the first Husky conference game.  They're playing Stanford, a tough and also ranked team.  The weather is perfect.  It should be an awesome game.  Go Huskies!!

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