26 September, 2016

Happy Monday

Well the rest of the vacation was super awesome.  A day and a night in Florence in a place right on the river.  The weather was gorgeous and the view was so very nice.  Wednesday morning we headed inland to the McKenzie river and a cabin in a little tiny place called Rainbow.  The cabin was just incredible.  And right ON the river.  We had two nights there and the weather was great for the first day but cloudy and rainy the second.  It didn't matter.  It was so nice.  We had a fire and a good TV to watch football on Thursday,  Then Friday we took off for McMinnville.  I found a winery I wanted to visit and we had reservations for dinner at one of my favorite French restaurants.  We bought some crazy good wine at the winery and I found an excellent bottle for dinner too.  It was wonderful.  The motel was crap though.  We just slept there and got out asap in the morning.

The Husky game wasn't on until 7:30 Saturday night so we got home in plenty of time.  I got all the clothes sorted and in the wash and unpacked.  Pizza and salad for dinner as we watched the football game and I knit.  Perfection.  They won in overtime.  A nail biter.

Then Sunday was football all day.  Now the I can do shopping and errands on the week days there is none of that nonsense on the weekends.  I got to knit and knit and knit.  I am nearly done with the latest wrap.  It's from "Cozy Stash-busting Knits" and it's called Cheyenne.  I added on to it, adding another increase row after the last chart C repeat and then just knitting in garter stitch until I have to bind off.  It's going to give a ruffled bottom to it.  Nice.  And I love the color of this yarn.

I am remarkably busy.  My time gets filled and my calendar as well.  I used to feel like I was wasting so much time at work when I had real stuff to do.  Now I get to do all my real stuff.  I got the tomatoes picked and plants pulled up.  Shopping and dinner cooking. A good workout.  A walk in the park with Tink.  Did my monthly budget and paid bills.  And the sun is shining.  For now.

Now it is time to get the rest of the dinner ingredients ready to go into the pot.  And Monday Night Football tonight.  I"ll finish up that shawl.

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