19 September, 2016

The good and the terrible

Our motel in Lincoln City left much to be desired, except for the view which was super awesome.  The access to the ocean beach was not bad either although about a million stairs.  Tink did very well on the beach and she even braved the stairs like a champ.  She loves the beach!  I brought a hard ball to throw for her and she chased it an acted like a puppy.  That was Friday.  Saturday we woke up to a heavy mist that in a couple of hours turned into a full on heavy rain.  I mean heavy.  We drove out for breakfast and then got supplies because we were not planning on going out in that downpour to a club, especially if we could work out how to watch the Huskies.  We got smoked salmon and beer and bread and stopped for an excellent bowl of clam chowder before heading back to get comfy and watch the Huskies.

The game started at 5 but the motel TV did not get the Pac-12 network.  Thank goodness for WiFi.  I got it on my computer on the Pac-12 network website and we watch the whole thing, only having to call down twice to have the guy re-boot the network.  I love my MacBook.  The picture was stunning and made all that much nicer by the fact that the Huskies crushed Portland State.  Oh, and the Ducks lost as well to Nebraska.  That was pretty nice to watch too.

Sunday morning we headed out from Lincoln City to Yachts.  We stopped for a little breakfast, drove through Newport, which was quite stinky from the fishing and just run down and icky.  We got to Yachts around 11:30 am, which is quite early for a 4 o'clock check in but we figured we could hang out in the bar and watch football until the room was ready.  They got it done before the Seahawks kickoff at 1:15.  The room is nice and spacious with a beautiful view again.  Then we watched the mess that was the Seahawks game.  The Rams beat us and Russel Wilson only got me a little over 8 points!  Needless to say I lost my matchup.  I should have gone with my guts and played a couple of my bench players who did well last week.  I will make some changes to my line up for sure for next week and probably bench Wilson to boot.  *sigh*  Ah well, early days.

I think we'll just kick back and walk Tink some more today.  It's only Monday and we've got the entire week yet!  Yay!  Vacation

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