13 September, 2016

My favorite time of year

I love love love September!  Especially when we get these beautiful blue sky days.  There's football and trees turning colors and it's still warm and sunny and gorgeous.  Yesterday my new routine got interrupted and I spent extra time at the park.  Ben texted me at 7 AM saying he was coming home.  He had forgotten his laptop at home!  So it was a work at home day for him, except it was also the housekeeper's day so .....  And normally it would be my workout day but everything got mixed up.

After breakfast and while he was working I took Tink to the park directly rather than go in to the gym because I knew we had to get out of the house by noon.  We spent a little over an hour at Cottage Lake Park, with Tink doing the leading mostly.  She went around twice which is a big walk for her.  Then we headed home.  I had a couple of errands to run up at Alderwood Mall so we hung out here until it was just about time for her to arrive, and then off we went for lunch in the sunshine. By the time we had a leisurely lunch and took our time on the errands at the Shane and the mall it was time for a drive home, the long way through Maltby and Trasher's Corner.  Lovely.  She was just about finished up when we got here so I took my laptop outside and that was pretty much the day.

Football again, since it was Monday night, and since it was the FIRST Monday night game there were two and mine didn't start until after 7.  I already won my matchup but I had the LA defense and I was just playing for points.  Their defense sucked and that left me in third place overall, which is awesome.  Now if I can just keep it up.  I have to set my lineup soon but now you're not stuck with a player any more.  You can change your line up right up until kick off for that particular game, unlike before when the lineup was frozen at Thursday night's kick off.  We are concerned with Russel Wilson's sprained ankle.  But also I have a tight end and a WR I want to move around.  Fun!!

I am going like lightening through my latest knitting project.  I'll take it along with me on our trip because it is supposed to be rainy on the coast, not that it matters to me, but I might like to knit a bit.  I love this yarn - it was a gift and the green color is absolutely gorgeous.  I'll have plenty to expand the pattern a bit and make it bigger, which is what I like.

Now Tink is whining and I have even eaten breakfast yet.  She wants to go to the park!

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