01 September, 2016

Still not quite there

As I was texting to my sister last night, the reality of this being my last couple days of work has not truly sunk in yet.  I suspect that Monday while I'm on the treadmill it might start feeling real.  Or maybe not until Thursday or Friday when Ben has taken off for work and I'm left to my own devices.  Right now it just feels like any of the 28 other starts to the new school year.  I am looking forward to a Husky football game Saturday.  The office is quiet as everyone has taken off for vacations.  Normal normal normal. Except I won't be coming back after the holiday.  Except for that.

I spent most of yesterday getting my computer stuff cleaned out and moved into the cloud.  I'll do more of that today and also take away all of my work out clothes and as much of the stuff as I can.  I think most of this stuff will end up in the garbage.  I have a couple of pieces of artwork that I'll bring home along with my workout clothes but coffee mugs?  Don't want them. 

Last night I got caught up on my HBO shows and tonight is the last pre-season football game.  It's not going to be very interesting to me because the starters don't really play much, if at all.  I am looking forward to the real thing.  One more week.  I am going to kick butt this year in my fantasy league!

Today though -- today I'm going to get the reservations finished up for our trip to Oregon later this month.  And that's probably about it.

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