08 September, 2016

Fifteen minutes more

I am SO lucky!  I wasn't feeling any negative effects from my 30 minutes on the treadmill so I added another 15.  I tried to do 5 walking and 5 running but my wind is not quite back yet - well, what do expect after only one time.  I am not so patient with myself.  Anyway it was a terrific 45 minutes.  I worked up quite a sweat.  Then a little stretching and I called it.  Friday I will shoot for a full hour on the treadmill and some upper body work.  I have all the time in the world now, don't I?  I am so used to hurrying myself through the gym and now I can take all the time I want.  Tink was patiently waiting in the car for me - well snoozing actually and so then we took off for the  park and we got another nice walk in for her.  Today I think we'll go to Marymoor Offleash Dog Park for our long walk.  I need to go get myself a bigger gym bag and I've also got to get my car washed so it'll be a busy morning.

Ben's flight was on time from San Francisco and the traffic wasn't bad coming home because I could use the diamond lane most of the way.  As I predicted he was pretty darned tired and was in bed early.  I'm glad he's home.  It is awfully quiet around here without him.

I'm working on my new project and Ben even commented - "Oh, knitting's back!"  It is the cooler weather.  It is supposed to clear up here today and be sunny for the next week at least.  That means both the Seahawks and the Huskies will have sunshine for their season opener.  Well I know the Huskies played last weekend but that didn't really count.  This game coming up is Idaho.  NFL starts tonight.  My fantasy team doesn't have anyone on for tonight .... oh wait maybe I do have somebody.  I do - I have a running back on Denver's team.  It's Denver vs Carolina tonight.  Woohoo!  Away we go.

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