21 September, 2005

I'm whole again!

I am so thankful I went to the dentist yesterday! Now I can smile again. I've been taking full advantage of it. Unfortunately since I was an emergency they were only able to do the bare minimum - made me a temporary cap and started the process. I have to go back next Wednesday to get the final impression made and the tooth ready for the crown, then once again in October for the final. But still - yay Dr. Fukuda!

I finished my basket last night and felted it. The Peruvian Wool felts nicely. I took pre-felt pictures and tonight I'll take a picture of the final object. It looks pretty good. And I am now only a few rows away from being done with the second front of the jacket. It's going to be super warm and cuddly.

I'm proctering an exam right now - finally I can use the wireless connection in the lecture hall. For some reason the signal wasn't good enough before. I am SUCH a gadget junkie.

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