30 September, 2005

Yay it's Friday!!

Woohoo!! Only one more week and I am going away for a lovely little mini-break. And boy do I need it. This next week is going to be brutal but it's sooooo nice to have something to look forward to, ya know?

AND I am feeling giddy because I just made another stellar eBay purchase .... I have been wanting an iPod but I honestly think the Nano is a bit too small. I found Mini iPods on eBay for a very reasonable price - actually about the same as the Nano but twice the storage. I know that it has a built-in battery but quite honestly I think it will take me a loooooong time to run it out. I don't run around with music plugged into my head all day long - just at the gym and maybe running. I have a little MP3 player but it's such a hassle to change out the music every weekend. This way I can just load that sucker up -- I mean .... 1,000 songs? That's plenty. Thank goodness for that lawyer guy here at the U that I do that consulting for. He and the scientist couldn't figure out how to integrate some of the images I had made for them into their final report, so they hired me for four hours to fix it up for them. Et voila! New iPod. Don't you just love how that works out??

I worked a bit more with that silly Sari Silk last night. I can't let it go. I started crocheting with it to make a small bag and wow! I think that's the key. It still hurts a bit to work with it but not nearly so much as knitting it. It's beautiful - the colors are so vibrant. I am thinking of putting a ruffle around the tab. It's going to be very very cute. Yes Sylv -- I should have done a bit more research before I bought it. I hadn't heard that it was so hard to work with. But anyway - happy ending after all.

And only more thing .... I think this Secret Pal thing is so much fun!! I get such nice feelings when I read on my Pal's blog that she got my card or gift. I sent her some chocolate and candles early this week and she got them just when she had had a bad day and needed chocolate. Bingo -- she gets home and there it is. Makes me feel all niiiiiiice.

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sylv said...

Oh, that's such a nice thing to do, random acts of kindness (although it's sitll within the Sp thing, I know..) are just the best.. And sooo cool when it gets fully appreciated too !