28 September, 2005

Sari Silk Ssssssucks!

I was seduced by the romance of it all ... recycled silk from real Indian Saris worn by who knows who? And the colors .... gorgeous and rich and jewel-like. But the reality? It smells bad. It is scratchy and hard to work with. I tried two times last night to start a small drawstring bag with a very simple chevron lace pattern. But it didn't show the pattern at all and it's so hard to work with! No stretch! My hands are killing me. I don't know now what to do with it. Perhaps a simpler bag. Or maybe I'll crochet one. I saw a women with the cutest crocheted purse a few months ago here at work. Or maybe I'll use both colors and make another chain link scarf. That would probably be very cool looking. Whatever I make, it won't be something that is worn close to the skin. This is definitely NOT "soft as silk" silk.

My replacement phone should be coming today. If they don't take the signature I left on the door I guess I won't get it until tomorrow. I still want to put up a picture of my latest eBay score - the purple slouch cowboy boots. In fact, that's how I found that my camera wasn't working - when I went to take a picture of them at work. I want that Motorola Razr but not for $300 I don't.

Another gorgeous day. Can't believe our luck! I'm going to go out for a run here real soon. I have to leave early today to go to the dentist for appointment #2.

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sylv said...

Yeah, several people have had similar experiences with sari silk.. and yet I'm still dreaming of getting some.. I guess it's okayish for bags (like the one in knitty ?) and also, I've seen a pretty neat cushion in crochet me..