12 September, 2005

How strange ...

I was trying to log in this morning earlier and I couldn't. Strange. Well, seems to be okay now. Not that I have anything truly earth shattering to talk about, mind you. It was football weekend. The Huskies AND the Seahawks both lost - the Huskies worse than last year even. It's going to be a looooooong season, at this rate.

Again, three cheers for Rowan Big Wool. That jacket I am doing is working up so very quickly! I got the back done, the left front done and the sleeve seam done, plus I could have finished up the right front yesterday evening but my hand was hurting! I wanted instant gratification so I crocheted a looooooong purple glittery scarf on Saturday - doing most of it while the Huskies were losing - and my left hand got a bit over used. I think it was still sore from the previous weekend when I made the cat bed. I had to make myself stop yesterday. I am now super keen on getting more of that yarn and making the Vogue sweater I marked earlier. Mostly because it will go so quickly. That's always nice.

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