16 September, 2005


Oooo! Check out the new Flickr Badge thingie!! Isn't it cool? I found it on my Secret Pal's blog. I would put a link to her blog here but I don't want her figuring out who I am until we're all done with it. But ... wow! I lllllove it!!
My camera phone doesn't work!!! I got these absolutely stunning boots from eBay yesterday and I wanted to take a picture to put on my blog and my darned camera won't work on my phone! I deleted all the older pictures, thinking perhaps the memory was full and tried it again. No go. I re-booted the darned thing ... still won't work. Oh I am going to be so mad if my phone is broken!! I haven't dropped in in ages! (No, I'm not kidding. For a while there I was dropping it every couple days ... don't know why). But it's been working and all of a sudden, not. Of course, if it is truly broken then I would have an excuse to buy one of those new Razr phones. Well ... we'll just have to see.

I'm going to get my hair done today so I'll be working on that felted project while I'm there. I'm almost done with the bottom of it and then it goes pretty quickly. Except I've got an idea for the handles that I've got to work out design-wise. What I'd like to do is knit the handle into the bag rim, which is easy enough to do, except I want the cross portion of it to be I-cord. So perhaps I'll just knit two shorter sections and then graft an I-cord to them. Well ... don't know. But it'll be fun figuring it out.

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