14 September, 2005

What it is about the thumb

The thumb. On my left hand. It's still feeling weird. I have come to the conclusion that it's the combination of the crocheting I did and the basketweave pattern of the sweater jacket I'm making that is causing the problem. I overdid it with the crocheting and the purling motion just aggravates it. Its the big needles, I think, plus the fact that there is more than 50% purl in that darned pattern. It looks nice, but ouch! I worked for a while last night - got a good start anyway - on the felted basket project for the auction.

I also heard last night that we'll be getting our secret pals soon! Silly me though -- I was trying to figure out how we wouldn't know our secret pal's identity because after all, we'd be reading their blogs and we'd have to have their address to send them things. But then, after describing it to my BF the penny dropped. We aren't matched! We each get a person that only we know to pamper. They aren't pampering us back!! Duh, huh? Or as Carlos Mencia says it ... "Doooo da dooo".

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