13 September, 2005

Let me just say this .....

I want an iPod Nano. I crave an iPod Nano. I covet, I desire, I feel like a kid that has just found a new toy and must have it or life will be over. It's just so darned nifty looking!! I could put audio books on it and pictures as well as 1,000 songs. Jeez, how many CDs is 1,000 songs!??! Anybody? Anybody? Oh well ... once the novelty wears off I am sure my craving will subside. But for now ...... NewToyItis.

My thumb is still sore. I had to practically sit on my hands last night in order to keep from picking up that stupid sweater jacket. I want to finish it because I have a couple of pretty things I want to do, plus which I have to make something so I can write out a pattern. I can't say what the "something" is because it's for one of my secret pal gifts. That's going to be taking priority this weekend so .... thumb, heal thyself!!

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