22 September, 2005

I feel like a REBEL!!

I was sooooo out of it when I finally dragged my sorry behind home last night that I forgot my bike helmet!! I have only done that a couple times and when it has happened before I realized it before I was half way across campus. That feeling of the wind in my hair usually wakes me up. But I didn't realize it last night until I was in the house and putting my stuff away! Good lord! And after that crash I had last month, too! So this morning I had to bike to work sans helmet. I felt like I was doing something soooo naughty. Sure that people are looking at me and wondering what kind of a dare devil I am. ;-)

My felted basket is looking very nice but it wasn't quite dry last night so I didn't want to take the stuffing out of it and take pictures. I'll do it for sure tonight and then post a pattern as well. I got the sweater front done and both are now attached and I've picked up stitches for the first sleeve. My hand starting aching again last night. I know it's because of all the purling that needs to be done with this particular basketweave pattern, plus the stitches were very tight after I had picked them up. I just want this thing DONE!!!

If I didn't know better I'd say that the cat and dog are conspiring against me. Last week and even through the weekend they were getting along at night just fine. Both sleeping at the foot of the bed, nearly cuddling! But this week! When I NEED my sleep? Huh-uh. Nothing doing. Tink is like a doggie possessed. She is on that cat every time she makes a move. Makes for a very exciting night. Not a restful one. Maybe they're in cahoots. Figuring that if I am sleep deprived I'll make some kind of big mistake like leave meat on the floor or something. See? That's how nuts it's making me. I am anthropomorphizing the animals!

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