09 April, 2013

Short week

I just have to make it through lunchtime and then I'm gone!  On vacation!  Woohoo!  I have to see my doctor so he can check on my progress, and I got the last appointment I could get, so I'll be here until a little before two, then off to see the doctor, then to get my taxes done.  I didn't pack last night because it's only five days and I can do that in a few minutes.

Two weekends ago we got a lovely couple of days with lots of sunshine and warm weather.  I was really hoping for that this coming week, but it doesn't look like we'll get it.  But on the other hand it is going to be mild and it's not supposed to rain too much.  It'll be fine.  It's always great to be at the shore, no matter what the weather.  And driving around in the hills in the Willamette Valley wine country is also gorgeous no matter when.

At Thornton Place there are still four or five empty storefronts and there are a couple of businesses I can think of that would make the environment all that much closer to perfect.  One of them is a pub and there is the perfect spot on the south west end of the complex.  A great spot with a place for tables outside even.  As I was walking by a couple of weeks ago I looked in to see chalk markings on the floor.  At closer inspection you could see things written -- Darts, Bar, Table ..... ah ha!  I checked with the office and sure enough, we're getting our pub!!  The owners of The Fiddler's Inn and the Latona Pub, both favorite spots of mine, are opening this spot in June!  Perfect!  I'll be able to take Tink and sit outside to have a beer.  There will be someplace closer than the Ram to watch games.  Now all we need is a little grocery and a dry cleaners and we'd be set.

I will be taking the socks with me for knitting and riding, although I don't imagine I'm going to get a lot of knitting done.  Drinking wine?  Oh yeah, there will be plenty of that.  Fingers crossed for some sunshine!

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