05 April, 2013

Slow progress

Progress nevertheless.  I made it through another night without an asthma attach (hoorah!) and only woke three times coughing.  Each time was quickly handled - a sip of water or a dose of cough medicine - and right back to sleep.  I think I got the best, most restful sleep last night in a week.  I was asleep crazy early, but after a full day at work I was very tired.  The socks continued to taunt me from atop the basket, but truly I didn't have the energy to do anything but lounge and heat up some soup.  I have a ticket to Vogue Knitting Live - no classes, just the marketplace - for tomorrow.  I'll take it nice and slow. 

I've been so caught up in being sick that I haven't even started making my wine tasting route!  I've got to get on that.  I'm leaving next Wednesday early morning so I need to get a few places set for on the way to McMinnville, and then a second set of places for the full day of tasting on Thursday, and then maybe a third for the trip out to the coast on Friday.  Although I am pretty sure nothing will be open and by Friday I most likely won't be wanting to taste wine in the morning. 

The weather has turned to the spring blustery storm weather.  Yesterday it was pouring rain and in the night I could hear the wind and rain, so it must have been seriously coming down.  It's not bad this morning, but still windy.  No matter.  It will be another week or probably more before I can even consider going out to run.  Wow -- this is the third week.  At least I haven't had much of an appetite.

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