04 April, 2013

Why am I so stubborn?

It took a third horrible night of coughing and asthma attacks to make me finally finally realize that waiting for my annual exam appointment was about the stupidest thing in the world.  I just get these things in my head and ... well, it's just stupid.  I called my doctor's office right before they broke for lunch yesterday and the nurse said there was a cancellation at 2, so I got my clothes on and headed right over.   It turns out that she was wrong, she had been looking at the next day, but they fit me in, thank goodness.  After being scolded for not going to the emergency room a few nights ago (!) the doctor set about getting me back on track.  I guess he's been seeing quite a few cases of walking pneumonia, so I got a chest x-ray to check on that and in the meantime had a nebulizer treatment, which helped right away.  And then I was loaded up with a massive amount of prescriptions.  I was tired and having no appetite hadn't eaten all day, but managed to get a cookie down when I picked up my prescriptions so I could take some.  And after a quick trip to talk about my taxes - thankfully only a few steps away at the mall - I was in for the evening with some Greek food which tasted pretty good.  Even in a few hours I was feeling better.  Not perfect but at least I could breathe.  I still had to sleep with three pillows to keep me reclining and I did have a couple coughing fits in the night, but  no asthma.  I'm tired today too, but here at work.  Every day now is going to be better and better.  I'll take a nice little stroll at lunch to get more cough syrup.  It's raining but not cold.  I don't mind.  No wheezing.  I am happy.

I wish I hadn't missed noon knitting but there was nothing for it.  I think tonight I am going to feel like knitting!  I want to get those socks done.  They are taunting me.

Ahhh .... deep breaths!  I love it!

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