01 April, 2013

A whole week gone

I knew I wasn't feeling all that terrific when I got to work Monday but I had no idea just how bad it would get.  That cold came back full force and then some.  I went home around 2 o'clock and I was down and out for the entire week!  I think the last time I was this sick for so long was five or six years ago!  And I'm not out of the woods yet either.  I am at work but I seriously doubt I'm going to be here all day. The cough has been driving me crazy.  Why does cough syrup taste SO bad??  I must say that the Robitussin has been my savior but good heavens it tastes nasty!

So where did the week go?  I slept and walked the dog.  Eating wasn't high on my list of priorities, which was handy since I was not feeling much like cooking anyway.  Oddly, when I am sick knitting is not something I can do.  So yeah ... an entire week of sleeping and coughing and walking the dog and coughing.  On Tuesday I had to get myself together for a meeting with my lawyers.  I got dressed, did the meeting and came home and went right back to bed.  I thought for sure I'd be back Wednesday, but no.  And then again Thursday, but I just couldn't get on top of this bug!  I have my appointment for my annual exam this week or I would have tried to get in to see my doctor on Friday.  Ah well, I can wait a couple more days.

The weather has been absolutely stunning and I tried to get out to enjoy the shirtsleeves weather at least a little bit this weekend.  A couple longer strolls with Tink and then long naps.  The sun felt so good.  What a treat that was.

Ten days until vacation, even though it's a short one.  I am looking forward to that.

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