08 April, 2013

Well enough to rant

It has been a long, long haul but today I feel pretty darned good!  I didn't wake up coughing one time last night!  That's the first night in weeks that I haven't had to get up to take cough medicine.  I am still coughing, but very little and I am rested and in very good spirits today.  Finally.  I am feeling SO good that I am ready for a rant - I have left over energy.  Nice.

So here's the deal -- about a month ago my friend Monika asked me if I wanted to go to the Vogue Knitting Live event with her.  Just the marketplace - neither one of us wanted to take any classes.  I was all for it, so we got on the web site and purchased our marketplace tickets for $15 by the deadline.  Supposedly the cost of the tickets would be going up, thus the deadline.  And then what happened?  The VERY NEXT DAY the same tickets were advertised for half off!  HALF!  That is just so annoying.  It's not that $15 is a lot of money, but the fact that we were lead to believe the price was going to go up and it was slashed instead.

So we were not very well disposed to this event from the start, I must say.  I got up fairly early Saturday, had some breakfast and then went to get my manicure and pedicure. I was tired and feeling just a bit woozy, but I really wanted and needed to get out and start doing some normal things.  Monika picked me up in the pouring rain and off we went.

Mind you, we are paying for the privilege of going into a marketplace to buy more stuff.  Wouldn't you expect there to be bargains, some freebies?  Something to justify the entrance fee?  Free espresso.  Period.  End of story.  No yarn snippets.  No free patterns.  Hand cream samples?  Nope.  Unbelievable.  Just plenty of high end yarn - gorgeous but completely out of the question for a casual purchase.  We were both underwhelmed.  I did buy some extremely cute buttons.  That was my big splurge.  I was actually hoping to snag some gorgeous cashmere or silk or something special.  Even if it were one skein of lace weight for a nice little shawl or whatever.  But it was all just WAY over the top.  Oh well, I don't really need another shawl or scarf but I did feel very disappointed in the entire event.  I won't be going back.

Except for that disappointment the rest of the weekend was very satisfying.  I bought a few items for brighten up my spring wardrobe - it's been a long time since I've had any new clothes.  It was true spring weather with plenty of wind and rain, downpours, and then spots of sunshine.  I hadn't done laundry or cleaning in weeks (!) --- well, I've been sick! -- so the apartment got a top to bottom cleaning and I treated myself to some good knitting time Sunday once everything was in its place and the soup was on the stove.  Yummy chicken soup.

What I didn't get around to this weekend was making the winery tour agenda but I will have time to start that tonight.  As I said, I only really have to get Wednesday set and I can work on Thursday later if need me.  Just now need to get through today and part of tomorrow and then -- vacation!!!!

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