26 April, 2013


Wow ... it is SO quiet here at work.  So many people are on vacation and/or out sick.   Seriously, I can't hear another human right now.  Well, it is early, but still.  It's kind of eerie.

I'm very happy it's Friday.  I made it through an entire day at work yesterday and it wasn't all that bad.  The sun was shining and I got out for a little walk in the sun at lunchtime.  It's just so crazy -- I haven't been able to run since March 15!!  I was hoping to start back up this week but we know what happened to that idea.  Now if I have a good weekend and this cold finally goes away then I can start next week.  Slowly, but at least I can suit up and walk and run to get my wind back.  I bought new running pants when I was in Oregon a couple weeks ago and I can't wait to get them on.  My other ones were getting so ratty.  These are nice Nike ones with a clever zipper pocket at the small of the back for my iPhone.  That'll be so nice to have the headphones behind me and the cord out of the way.

I was quite tired when I got home last night and I had a perfect relaxing geek evening planned.  After walking Tink and doing a few chores I turned the NFL draft on.  It wasn't a very exciting one, but surprising.  And even though our team doesn't have any first round picks, it's fun nevertheless.  At least for an hour or so.  I knew I needed to get some good sleep (for a change) so I went to bed early and read and then actually had a pretty decent night.  I didn't wake up coughing, which is a bonus these days.

I still haven't booked Tink's eye surgery.  She has a benign growth on her lower eyelid and I need to have it removed because it is irritating her eye.  I was going to book it right away but then I realized that I'm going to be putting her into a kennel in three weeks when I go to that blues festival, so I must talk to the surgeon to find out how much time I need to consider for her recovery.  It's probably better that I put it off until I return.

We've had such gorgeous sunny weather while I've been sick this week and it looks like we have to say goodbye for the weekend.  That's okay.  There's plenty of spring and summer to come!

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