19 April, 2013

Love/Hate relationship

Generally speaking, I'd say my car-less life is going quite well.  But every once in a while .... like yesterday morning ... it can be frustrating.  I have an app on my iPhone called "One Bus Away" and it is supposed to let you know if your bus is running on time. Yesterday the app was showing that the bus I was taking to my 9 am appointment in Ballard was running quite late.  So I called them, saying I am running late and should we re-schedule, perhaps when I have reserved a ZipCar.  The woman said to just come along whenever I could.  And as soon as I terminated the call here came the bus, on time!  It was nice I got there in time, but I could have done without the fire drill.

My latest infatuation with podcasts is eating up my iPhone battery at quite an alarming clip, however it is fine since I can just plug the phone into my computer here at work and oh I do so love listening to football talk when I'm doing tedious tasks.  I found a couple more yesterday - Rich Eisen and Dan Patrick both have their own podcasts.  I don't spend the evenings in front of the TV watching ESPN or the NFL Network, so this is perfect.

We are now into the spring rainy weather -- April showers.  I haven't run all week since I'm still coughing and I'm supposed to be running indoors anyway.  But I have had a few nice walks, besides my normal doggie walks.  Today I'll go up to the grocery store at lunchtime so I can get the ingredients for my brunch dish for Saturday.  Plus I'm having a girlfriend over for dinner so I need to get something for that as well.  I still don't know what I'll make.  I am hoping for inspiration at the store.

At noon knitting Wednesday I got a good hour in on the socks and last night another hour.  I need to measure because I should be getting pretty close to starting the toe decreases.  I am looking forward to finishing up the Cloisonne Jacket tomorrow.  I dragged the big bag of sweaters home last night and actually during the day I was wearing the Trellis Shawl since it was pretty cold here in the office.  Maybe I won't frog that one after all. I always get compliments on it.

Oh I am SO glad it's Friday.  If only it were Friday afternoon and not 8:30 am!!!

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