29 April, 2013


I really noticed them this weekend, and riding in to work this morning.  There is a downside to my new apartment that I hadn't considered when I first moved in.  I no longer have the neighborhoods to wander through when the lilacs are in bloom.  For so many years I've always had places I could walk and if not snag some to bring home, at least get a few deep breaths.  Not so now.  And I don't currently have any friends or acquaintances with them either.  That scent really says spring to me.

As usual these days, I had a jam packed weekend.  I managed to get a decent sleep Friday but Tink was up way too early Saturday morning for my liking.  She needed to go out so of course we went, then I tried to get back to sleep but that wasn't happening.  The mall doesn't open until 10 on Saturday and I had a few things I needed to pick up, and also have my manicure touched up, so I did a little tidying and took Tink for another little walk and then headed over to the mall around 9:30.  I was under the mistaken impression that DSW opened at 9, but it's only the Bed, Bath and Beyond that opens early.  I didn't have to wait long though because I had stopped at the Starbucks for a nice coffe and an 8 grain roll -- which I love because it's full of raisins.  Mission accomplished and I had a few minutes to grab a sandwich at home before it was off to Derby to get my hair done.  And while I was there I booked myself a fabulous lady day for the Saturday before I take off for the blues festival.  I had gotten an email with May specials and noticed they have a salt scrub for $65, which is a bargain and I have been wanting one for so long.  I just decided to splurge - the salt scrub AND an hour facial.  Oh my, I can hardly wait for May 11th!!

My final item for Saturday was going to be practicing driving a truck.  On Sunday I was going to go with my friend when he picked up a new car.  But I haven't driven anything that large since my sister had the big SUV when she had her art gallery.  So we're talking probably 10 years.  I wanted to practice, but that went out the window because an impromptu meeting was set up at a restaurant for us five to talk about what we're bringing to the condo for the blues festival.  We met at a Mexican restaurant and the food was just out of this world.  Not to mention the drinks which were .... wow ... very strong.  The truck driving had to wait.

So Sunday morning before the mall opened I drove that truck around the parking lot before I dared to venture out onto the streets.  Actually it wasn't difficult at all.  Mostly I was distracted by the big mirror on the driver side, which seemed to block a lot of my view.  I got a little scared on the freeway but otherwise it was (mostly) smooth sailing.  I did have a bit of a problem backing out of the parking lot at the car dealership.  It was a tight spot and I was backing and turning right towards a row of brand new cars.  It's nice to know that if I ever had to, I could drive a truck.

Add in a few chores and whoosh -- there went the weekend.  I managed to get a few more rows done on the socks.  I sure miss my comfy purple chair.  That was the perfect knitting spot.  But oh well - no room for it now.  I have a spot on the couch that isn't bad.  It isn't perfect and I think if I could just come up with a way to make it a bit more comfortable perhaps I could do a bit more knitting.  Anyway just an inch or so more and I can get the toe decreases started.

It's a little cloudy today but by the end of the week we're supposed to have some great weather.  Maybe even as soon as Wednesday.  My cold is still hanging in there.  I am getting better but oh so slowly.  I don't think I'll be able to run this week either.  But I can walk and I'm going to have a nice long one at lunchtime, since I managed to forget a couple of key things at the grocery store this weekend.  Let's hope the rain is through for the day by then because I forgot my umbrella!

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