25 April, 2013

Round two

The weekend started out so well.  Friday night I had a girlfriend over for dinner and it was a 3 hour gab fest.  A perfect girlie evening.  And the next day was my knitting brunch.  Everyone brought something delicious to eat and a project or 2 (or 3) to either rip out or finish.  I finally finally finally got the facings knit for my Cloisonne Jacket!  yay!  Now I need to sew them and re-block the sweater.  Yes, I did block the pieces before I sewed it together, but it's been sitting in my basket for two or more years so it needs another go 'round in the wash and re-blocking.  Everybody had a nice time though and I want to do it again soon.

So I woke up Sunday with a terrible head cold.  I couldn't believe it!  AND a sore throat to boot!  I had been coughing a bit more since I had finished one of my medications but ignored it.  I couldn't ignore this.  Headache and body ache all over again!  So first thing Monday I called my doctor and they fit me right in.  He says it's another entirely different virus.  Oh yay me.  This one has given me a sinus infection so it's back on antibiotics.  It's Thursday and I'm back to work but seriously, I'd rather be in bed. 

On a positive note, the weather has been extremely gorgeous.  Not that I've been able to take advantage of it.  I did have to walk Tink every day so at least I got to be out in it for a while.  Mostly I slept Monday and all of Tuesday.  Yesterday I worked from home.  I can almost do everything on my iPad but not quite.  But since my apartment is so compact, it's easy enough to sit up to the desk and get a little work done.  Not much walking needed.

And so -- with my head all stuffed up here I sit, trying not to cough all over my nice clean computer screen.  I wish I had a futon so I could curl up under my desk for a little nap. 

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