02 April, 2013

A little wait for my new computer

It has been weeks and weeks since the departmental IT guy has been telling me that my new computer is ready.  Then I was out sick for most of two weeks and he didn't want to install it then.  So yesterday I went home and little early and when I came in this morning there was a new computer, monitor (huge) and keyboard.  He left me a note with my new password.  Only thing is, the password didn't work.  It seems he forgot to include the entire thing.  Missed an 's'.  Crucial omission.  But now I'm on and all is dandy.  It will take me a few days to get used to the new interface, but I am loving the new keyboard and the massive screen!

I am feeling improved today.  I left at lunchtime yesterday and had a nice quiet afternoon and evening except for the 3 or was it four asthma attacks I had to endure.  My hairdresser was saying that this whatever it is going around is really bad for people with asthma and that is most definitely true.  Asthma is pretty new to me, having only had it for a few years and then just when I exercise.  But this cold has certainly exacerbated it.  I am sure my doctor will have something better than my current inhaler for these coughing fits.  And in the meantime I can make it work.  I only have to wait another couple of days.

My knitting mojo has deserted me but I am sure it's because I've just been so darned sick lately.  I don't feel like doing anything but laying around reading or maybe watching something on TV or my iPad.  I looked at the socks last night, but in the end left them where they were and went to bed to read and play word games.  I have noon knitting tomorrow so at least I'll do a few rows on my Mariah, which hasn't seen the light of day for two weeks.

The sun didn't come out until late yesterday and it looks like the same for today.  But it is mild and beautiful, but with all the trees and shrubs blooming and turning green.  And vacation in only a week!

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