30 April, 2013

Better and better

So here it is, the last day of April and I still have the cold symptoms.  BUT ... but I am definitely getting better and that is a wonderful thing.  It's been six week since I've been able to run.  Six weeks since I got that original chest cold.   I predict that I will be 100% back to normal by the weekend.  And oh, it is supposed to be a glorious and hot weekend!  It rained last night, but it is blue sky and puffy clouds this morning.  Pretty spring weather.  Yesterday for my lunchtime walk I had to go to the store and that's not such a pretty route.  Today I'll go to upper campus and walk in the gardens.

Sleep was my number one priority last night, but before bed I got lots done.  I ran the dishes and did a big load of laundry and Tinkie got her two walks.  I had soup to heat up so I didn't have to cook.  I almost reached for my socks -- I am getting very near to the toe decreases -- but I was interrupted by the phone and then I decided to read in bed and that's what I did.  I dropped off super early, but I really needed the sleep.  I feel great this morning.

Another thing I was planning on doing last night was downloading another audio book.  But I've gotten so hooked on the sports talk pod casts (!) that I don't miss the books.  That is until I've listened to all the episodes in a day and then I've got either music or nothing.  That's when I miss the books.  So tonight I'll do that for sure.  Kate Atkinson has a new one.  I read (heard) all of her other books - a detective series set in Scotland - and I loved them.  This one has a little sci-fi bent to it and sounds pretty interesting.

Noon knitting tomorrow and I think I'll bring my Mariah in and get back into that.  I just can't seem to carve out the hours or silence and solitude I need for that at home.  I should get a little more proactive about that or I'll never finish it.  Actually ... once the sleeves are done it's going to be TV knitting, more or less.  So I'll keep that at the front of my brain and perhaps I can get a few rows every day or so.

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