16 April, 2013

Tax day

I am the type of person who gets her taxes finished and filed as soon as possible.  But this year it was a little different -- well, the past few years have been different because I've had to file with someone, but that was a blip.  Anyway, because of a few tricky things I didn't feel comfortable doing them myself, so I went to have them done.   But because I was sick for so long I kept postponing it.  Then when I finally got all my papers to the tax accountant I was missing a document and I had to wait for someone to get back from vacation to get it to me.  And finally I got all of the documents to my guy and then I left on vacation.  So I had an appointment yesterday after work to get it filed.  Talk about last minute.  But it was done and I was home by six.  With the exception of one load of laundry, I did nothing last night and it was lovely.  Tonight for sure I'm going to get going on those socks.  I want them done done done!

While I was gone last week there were more than a few outstanding meals to go along with all the gorgeous wine.  One of the unfortunate side effects of a few days of decadent dining is nightmares.  I mean waking up screaming nightmares.  It happened to me two times on this trip.  I can't remember what the dreams are about even, but they're scary enough to cause me to scream myself awake.  Not fun at all.  I slept very well last night though.  I didn't even wake up coughing.  I think that's the third night in a row that I have not coughed myself awake.  Well it's only been a month.  It's pretty mild out so I had not only the window but the big slider open last night and I did wake up when a huge delivery truck pulled up in the courtyard to deliver something at 3:30 am.  But I went right back to sleep, so that's okay.

I am so looking forward to Saturday.  I'm having my knitting buddies over for brunch and finishing or ripping out.  Those things are much easier done in company.  Maybe I can even finish up my Cloisonne Jacket.  That will be my goal.  I have plenty of things to undo and recycle the yarn as well.  I will remember to bring my big bag of big sweaters back home with me and maybe I can get one or two of them undone.  All the yarn is delicious and gorgeous.  I just don't wear big sweaters any more.

Work was tough yesterday.  It always is after a vacation, even a short one.  Hopefully I can buckle down and get a few more things done today.  I wasn't a complete bump on a log yesterday.  I worked but my heart wasn't in it.  I have a walk to the post office planned today.  Perhaps I can be running by the end of the week.  My doctor did not want me running outside this week.  I can use the gym at home after work but it is very difficult to get myself into the exercise state of mind after work.  I like doing it either before work or at lunchtime. 

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