02 May, 2013

A cat or a dog??

I haven't owned a cat as an adult, but my sister has and when I visit I notice that the cat runs around and plays in the middle of the night.  Dogs don't do that.  Well, not usually.  For some reason Tink was doing it last night though and it woke me up!  It was a little scary at first because I couldn't figure out what the noises were.  I thought it might be the blinds hitting the window, but it wasn't windy out.  And then I heard a familiar sound, that of her chewy hitting the kitchen floor.  Silly dog.  It's not like she didn't get any walks either.  She had a really long one in the late afternoon and then went with me to dinner - dining al fresco now that the weather is nice.  If a restaurant has a rail, rather than a wall, around their outdoor dining area I can take her.  And she's very well behaved.

I'm getting a little fed up with Facebook.  I don't spend a lot of time on there.  Mostly I do a quick scan in the morning to see what pictures my friends in Europe have put up or to see what my cousins are up to.  It's my high school friends that make me craziest.  I guess I should put friends in quote - "friends", because the majority of those people were not my friends in school and they're not my friends now.  I try not to get sucked into their super conservative christian BS, but sometimes they are just SO stupid that I can't help myself.  From time to time I un-friend people who continually post saccharine crap ten times daily, or the "Click 'like' if you have the most wonderful (brother/sister/cousin/daughter/blah blah blah)".  Can you tell I am fed up??   I guess it's time to delete a few more people.

At noon knitting yesterday I did some very good work on the Mariah.  I'm now at the spot where I am going to have to get a third counter to do the sleeve increases.  I did find another mistake where I have purled when I should have knit.  Peggy is going to help me fix it again and this time I'm going to pay special close attention so that I can do it myself next time.  It's not rocket science, after all.

Today at lunch I'm going to walk up to Trader Joe's.  I bit the bullet and wore footless tights and sandals and it wasn't so bad.  It's warmer and warmer in the morning and this weekend it's going to be HOT.  It's opening day of boating season and the big rowing race.  Last year it was pouring rain and cold.  What a change this year! 

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