08 May, 2013

A picture at last

Today is noon knitting and I've brought my Mariah sleeves in to work on.  I have started the increases, which means they are now a few rows longer than six inches.
The yarn is lovely and squishy.  It's Debbie Bliss Fez, which is a merino/camel blend.  I just love it.  I really do need to figure out how to cable without the needle and I think if I do that it'll go a bit faster.  I have the cables on the far ends memorized but the Celtic knot section in the center of the sleeve is a bit trickier.  Once the sleeves are done and put on holders, the rest of the project will go much faster since it's just stockinette with the little cable on the ribbing portion and around the raglan.  It's not really warm weather knitting, is it? 

The day yesterday started out like it is today - a little chilly and cloudy.  By 11 it was sunny and gorgeous and I had another run, this time even better!  I am sore though.  I felt just fine yesterday morning but as the day wore on my muscles got more sore.  I had a good stretch before my run but still in the afternoon I was hobbled.  No matter.  I've got the day off today and tomorrow I'll be set and ready for an even better time.  I'll need to start looking around for a race to sign up for soon.

Because of this heat -- we were actually as warm as Phoenix on Monday -- the lilacs are blooming and fading right away.  The best I have been able to do this year was take a sniff on my way to my appointment last Friday.  I am afraid I will not have another chance this year.  I will have to make a more concerted effort next year to get some blooms in my house!

I'm supposed to be going to a 9 am meeting but even though I sent an email yesterday afternoon, I've yet to receive an agenda.  Perhaps I'll make a phone call.

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