22 May, 2013

One Hundred and Eighty Degrees

After such glorious weather earlier this month is it very strange to be walking into the building and notice that I can see my breath!  It could be worse, of course.  It could be raining and it's not.  But it's not far behind.  Ah well ... that's the way it goes in Seattle, isn't it? 

I had a busy day yesterday but I did finally make an appointment for Tink to have the surgery to remove the small growth on her lower eyelid.  I made the appointment for next Thursday the 30th but after some thought last night, I believe I'll try to move it to Friday the 31st.  I have to proctor two exams on that Thursday besides getting her dropped off in the morning.  If I had a car it wouldn't be a problem, but my car-less options are less than ideal on a busy day.  Taking the bus is not a good option because it would be right in the middle of rush hour both getting her there and taking her home.  ZipCar would be an okay option if I didn't have to rush right to work.  There are two drawbacks to the ZipCar solution.  First is that I can only have her in the car if she's in a carrier, which currently it in my storage room, under a stack of boxes and full of my bike clothes and accessories.  Perhaps not the best place for it, but needs must.  The second drawback to the ZipCar solution is that it would be very expensive to rent one for the entire work day.  I could take a taxi both ways in that case and still save money.  Therefore if I were doing this on a normal day I could get the ZipCar from near my place, take her to the vet, take it back to my place and then work from home until I pick her up.  I'm going to try to arrange that.  It just seems a lot more logical. 

On my way home from the weekend I stopped at the grocery store and one of the things I bought was some flowers.  It was a stupid move.  Even though I examined them carefully for freshness it turns out I was not that observant.  I love the little spray roses -- the barely pink ones.  They looked good for a few hours and now this morning they are gone.  I should know better than to buy flowers so close to Mother's Day.  I seem to be making quite a few stupid mistakes these days.

I finished my audiobook  -  Life After Life.  I really enjoyed that book.  It had an interesting twist on the idea of reincarnation in that it was built around the premise that we don't live different lives, but rather keeping living the same life over and over until we get it right.  I like that idea.  I can think of a few mistakes I most likely would not make the second .... or maybe third .... time around. 

For noon knitting today I brought the socks.  If I can get those decreases started I'm much more likely to pick them up at home.  Plus I really need to figure out how I can make my current sitting situation more comfortable for knitting.  I think my problem could be fixed with a well placed table at my elbow.  As it is now, I have no easy and comfortable place to put a beverage.  I do have a combination storage basket/table but it is wicker and the top is not exactly flat, even with a coaster.  So I'm always afraid whatever it is I'm drinking is going to fall on the floor.  Well ... more thought is needed.

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