21 May, 2013

When is a blues festival not a blues festival?

Answer:  When there is no blues being played.    Okay - slight exaggeration.  I do believe there may have been three blues bands at the festival.  And it was pointed out to me that the exact name of the festival is the Rhythm and Blues Festival which does leave it open to interpretation.  Let's just say then that it was mostly rhythm.  Not great.  I was expecting something entirely different.  It is water under the bridge and I did get to get out of town for a few days, which is always nice.  The company was pleasant, the food good, and drink plentiful.  The weather was best yesterday, the day we left.  It was decent on Sunday but Friday and Saturday there were periods when it was raining and windy.  You can't expect great weather in the springtime.

I brought my socks to knit on and had plenty of time, but it is the start of the toe decreases and I was afraid that if I started I would mess it up so I will start them tonight.  I would dearly love to get those socks off my needles.  I shall keep plugging away at Mariah during noon knitting, but I need a simple, TV knitting project to start when the socks are done.  Hopefully I can come up with something other than another pair of socks!!

It is a short week since I took Monday as a vacation day.  Then it's Memorial Day weekend so next week will be short as well.  It's very quiet around here again.  Time for the students to study up for their finals.

It was difficult getting out of bed this morning.  It's raining here and dark.  It is supposed to be like this all week.  Ah well, we did have some awesome weather earlier.

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