01 May, 2013

Curly or straight?

My hair is naturally curly and for the longest time I wore it that way.  And then a year or so ago, I started blowing it straight and that's how I wear it now.  Except once in a while, like last week when I was still so sick and too tired to blow it dry, I let it go natural.  The problem I have with that is that my hair looks dry and dull, especially the next day.  So when I was at the salon on Saturday I asked my stylist about what I could do to make my curly hair look better and healthier.  I am thinking about the blues festival coming in in May.  I just know that it's not going to be on my list of priorities to dry my hair straight, especially since it's likely to be humid and/or hotter than here and I expect I'll be drinking and dancing a lot, which is not conducive to keeping a straight hair-do looking good.  My hair curls at the slightest hint of moisture, so often times when I run and it's warm my hair poofs out.  Same when I'm dancing a lot.  She suggested a product and gave me a sample, which I tried last night.  I must say that my hair is shinier than it typically is when I go natural, and I also sprayed it with something other than scrunch spray, and that gave it a little more curl and it's not so dry.  Of course, I can always keep it in a pony tail, but that's not such a good look, especially if it's sunny and I'm wearing a hat.  Options.  Now I've got options.

Speaking of options -- it's May (hurrah!) and we are, thankfully, getting the gorgeous Seattle spring weather.  This morning the sky is blue and by the end of the week we're going to be very warm.  But for now, the mornings are still quite chilly.  Oh how I wanted to wear sandals today.  But it was only 39 degrees!  So I had to go with boots.  Hopefully one morning soon I can go with sandals.

Noon knitting and I brought my Mariah.  I did work on the socks last night while watching the return of Warehouse 13.  I was somewhat disappointed with the episode.  Maybe because they're running out of artifacts or something.  It just seems a little too .... too much.  Maybe I'm just getting tired of the premise?  I'll give it another few episodes before I write it off.  I have enjoyed it since it started, so maybe they're just having a slow start this year.

And before I go:

Hurrah Hurrah
The First of May
It's Outdoor Intercourse Day!

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