15 May, 2013

Bad decisions

I am no stranger to bad decisions.  I have, after all, been married three times.  But what I did last night ..... I was tidying up and gathered together a bag of recyclable things to take to the trash room.  On each floor of our building is a room with two chutes - one for trash and one for recycle.  And here's what I did -- I went out into the hall and into the trash room without shoes.  It's always so very clean in my building that I didn't think anything of it.  That is until I felt the sharp pain on the bottom of my left foot.  Immediately, instinctively,  I brushed that foot across the top of my right to rid myself of whatever I had stepped on.  I thought perhaps a small piece of gravel.  I headed right back to my apartment and into the bathroom to wash the foot and realized I had stepped on something much sharper - most likely a piece of broken glass.  Well, it serves me right!  What kind of stupid person goes to the trash room barefooted??!!  I washed the wounds, put on a generous amount of Neosporin and bandaged them.  Good news is that I am not hobbled this morning, so that's a bit of luck considering I'm heading out of town tomorrow.  What an idiot though. 

It's time for another bus driver rant.  The driver of my afternoon bus is the target today.  He is always early, and I don't mean a minute.  Always at least five minutes.  But I've gotten used to this and I am waiting when he arrives, only to drive two more stops and sit by the side of the road to catch up to his schedule.  Plus  he drives like a maniac, so no wonder he's early.  Anyway, the bus that is ahead of him picks up a disabled woman and that takes some time.  Typically he sits behind the stop and waits for that bus to finish loading up and then drive to the stop.  He is, as I said, always early so he's not trying to catch up to his schedule.  Yesterday he drove around the bus, didn't even hesitate and drove off!  Oooooo!  I was SO mad!  I would have to wait another 30 minutes for the next one so off I went to catch up at his waiting spot so I could give him a piece of my mind.  Ah!  Perhaps I gave him the piece that would have stopped me from going to the trash room without shoes.  He said he had looked and not seen anyone.  Which is ridiculous.  That stop had at least 20 people standing there.  How could he have known who was for him?  I need a vacation.  Oh.  Good luck then, because I'm out of here early today and that's when vacation starts.

I worked on the flasks again last night.  What a tedious business.  Next time I get a bright idea like that I'm going to ignore it.  It's very difficult to get the initials and things centered and even.  Yes, I use a guide but still.  Knitting is as crafty as I get.  Yay!  Noon knitting today.  That's a nice way to start a vacation.  I brought the socks rather than the Mariah because I don't think I have the patience today for anything but easy knitting.

The extended forecast shows good weather for the blues festival.  Let's hope the music is good as well as the weather.

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