24 May, 2013

Ooooo! My back!

Sleeping on a too soft bed makes my back tweak-y and the bed I had during the "blues" festival was too soft.  I was on the edge but had managed to keep a full blown tweak away until Wednesday night.  It was a double whammy but I didn't feel it right away.  I have been trying to figure out how to make myself a good knitting spot and I did figure it out.  It's not as comfy as my big purple comfy chair and ottoman but what can I do?  I just simply do not have the space for a comfy chair now.  So I moved the storage table from the right side of the couch and put it under the console table, then ... and here's where my first mistake happened .. moved the lamp back so that I could put a small wooden table next to the couch.  I picked up that big lamp and I simply did not lift it as I should.  Still I was okay.  The coup de gras came as I was playing with Tink.  She was doing her crazy running around .. in that small space ... and I was lunging this way and that and I twisted juuuuust right.   Zing!  So I was flat yesterday, letting my vibrating heating pad do its magic.  I brought it in to work with me today.  I know we're going to be shorthanded because it is the start of a long weekend.  When I get sore after sitting for a while I can plug that in and hopefully keep from getting completely tweaked again.

How long have I been in this apartment?  I moved in December 15, so that's 5 1/2 months.  Last night I finally got my Wii hooked up with the internet.  I kept thinking it was going to be a long frustrating process.  Silly girl.  It was dead simple!  And now I have Netflix on the TV and also I can play Mario Cart online!  Ah the simple pleasures.  And Sunday the Arrested Development episodes will be available.  I watched the trailer and it's going to be hilarious.

At noon knitting I got into the toe decreases and I think tonight I can finish up those socks finally.  And then I believe I'll take the Ella Rae Shibu I have been hoarding for all these years and make a lovely summer scarf/shawl something or other.  I do want to make a blanket but absolutely this is not the time of year to  start that.  A silk shawl on the other hand ... perfect.  Now to find the exact right pattern.  I want tassels but I can put tassels on anything so it doesn't have to come with tassels as the pattern is written.  I want something that has plenty of TV knitting potential.  Something like the Annis - a crescent shaped one with some nice lace pattern and then plenty of easy stockinette.  I'll look today.  Hooray for Ravelry.

I have no big plans for the long weekend.  I don't want to have big plans.  I would like to relax.  I'd like to get sick of relaxing.  It feels like I've been running and running for the last few weekends.  The weather is not supposed to be so good.  Perfect for reading and knitting and laying around.  Count me in!

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