29 May, 2013

Crazy traffic snarl

Two accidents on I-5 caused closures on the freeway putting all the traffic on the side streets which in turn made my normal 25 minute commute into over an hour.  I almost ran out of iPhone battery because I was listening to my sports podcasts (must remember to download a new book tonight) and playing games and texting and doing email ...... just ran that battery into the ground!  I usually have a charged up secondary battery in my purse but I haven't re-charged it since the last little trip.  I will do that for sure tonight.  My iPad is only wireless so if I run out of phone battery I am dead in the water when it comes to communicating.

It was so slow along Roosevelt that I would have jumped ship and walked the rest of the way to work, but I am not wearing walking shoes and so I sat there, listening to the talk about the college football quarterback who got suspended for academic misconduct.  What an idiot.

I had a good evening last night.   A little laundry and sushi for dinner.  I did start casting on for the new silk scarf/shawl but I realized after 100 stitches (out of 411) that I hadn't unwound enough yarn so I had to take it out and start over.  I got 50 in and called it a night.  I have been wanting to start watching the new Netflix episodes of Arrested Development.  I watched the first one.  It was very funny.  I am glad that they released all 16 episodes at the same time.  That way one can go through them as quickly as desired.

I really wanted to run yesterday but it wasn't meant to be.  It doesn't hurt to have a few more days off after the back thingie.  I can't do it today - noon knitting.  Nor can I do it tomorrow - proctoring final exam.  I am not likely to do it Friday because I'm working from home, although I could nip down to the workout room at lunchtime and do it then.  We'll see how I feel. 

I've got Mariah with me for noon knitting.  Tonight for sure I'll get the rest of those stitches cast on and maybe even a row or two knit.  It's just 27 rows of lace pattern, then short rows in stockinette for the rest of the scarf.  It'll go quickly.

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Speattle said...

It was crazy traffic today! It affected things over on the eastside today. Took me almost an hour just to get from Kirkland to Bellevue!