30 June, 2014

Jam packed weekend

And it was!  Busy busy busy and I got SO much done AND had time to knit as well.  Perfect weekend.  Nearly perfect - it did rain a bit.  Speaking of rain -- on my run Friday I got caught in a squall.  I was one mile out and the mist turned to sprinkles and the sprinkles turned to big fat drops.  I had to turn around.  I had no hat, no jacket and my sole pocket was holding my asthma inhaler so I had no place for my phone.  When I got back I was a sodden mess.  My hair was soaked and dripping.  At least it wasn't cold!

This might sound funny, but I do enjoy a trip to the dump.  There's something so cathartic about tossing things into a pit and a bonus that you have cleaned up whatever part of your life that needs it most.  Not to mention the big machinery and you get to see awesome things, like a riding lawnmower tossed into the pit!  Call me crazy.  Mind you, I wouldn't want to work there or go there every weekend, but it has its place.

So -- errands Saturday morning and then the weather changed up and Tink got to walk in a new area.  There is a wilderness area I've never been to that is full of trails and is for walking, horseback riding and mountain biking.  It's HUGE!  And we had such a lovely wander.  The trails are so well marked.  We walked 3 miles Saturday and only got a bit of a sprinkle and the forest canopy kept most of it off the ground.

I had hours Saturday evening to knit and I made the most of it.  I turned on Comedy Central and listened to stand-up while I worked on the Venomous Tentacula.  In the closeup you can see the beads at the top of the open work rows.  I do so love this yarn, Amie.  It was in my stash and it is discontinued unfortunately.  It's a lovely mix of cotton and cashmere in a sport weight - size 5 needles.  With the little bit of extra added weight from the beats it has a wonderful drape.  I can already tell this is going to be my new favorite shawl/wrap/whatever you want to call it.  I also had time on Sunday evening.  This is absolutely perfect TV knitting, especially now that I've memorized the border.

On Sunday I did a little shopping but couldn't find anything I was wild about.  I will go next Saturday after my hair appointment.  I need a couple of things for my trip.  But just a couple. 

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