26 January, 2016

Down time

Yesterday was such a busy day at work.  Those days are few and far between, believe me.  But yesterday I turned around twice and it was time to go home!  Nice!  Plus it was sunny and not freezing, so it great to get outside.  The only downside was that I developed a headache and it would not go away.  It hung on and hung on.  It is to be expected, since I have gone off sugar cold turkey (along with a couple of other things).  Last night I woke up and it was, mercifully, gone.  This morning, back again but I took a couple of aspirin -- old fashioned, but it works for me -- and I'm feeling quite well at the moment.  Today is my early day, since I've got the late meeting, so if it comes back I can always have a lay down in the afternoon.

So it was a very dull evening.  I got my lunch ready for today, prepared dinner, cleaned up  .... all the while watching stupid TV in the background .... and at 8 o'clock settled in for a good read.  I was tired and the reading got me nice and relaxed and off I went.  Perhaps today won't be quite so dull!

I would like to finish up that Artyarns project and the other camel stole and actually knit a garment after that. I do have the yarn for the lace front cardigan, which I think would be something I could actually wear in Seattle in the springtime.  So .... I will put that in my brain to percolate.

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