22 January, 2016

My second Friday

Because we had reservations for dinner last night, the entire day it felt like Friday.  Right up until the alarm went off this morning, that is.  Anyway it's Friday now.  Traffic was light this morning and it is pouring rain.  Pouring, dumping.  I really don't like driving in that kind of traffic. 

So the Seahawks are out of it, nevertheless there are a couple of pretty good football games on this weekend.  Other than that, a little housecleaning and some shopping and, since it's going to be ugly and wet, maybe some good long spells of knitting.  A movie or two?  Probably.  Other than that ... typical winter weekend.  It's going to be a long long three months.  But then France!  We are  planning a little weekend get away to Astoria, Oregon.  Probably not until late February though.

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