11 January, 2016

From the office

I felt almost normal on Friday and I made a pot of soup and did a few loads of laundry and even walked Tinkerbell at the park.  As it turns out, I over did it ... I woke up Saturday morning feeling very sick again, which was fine because I had my doctor's appointment that afternoon.  As I hoped, she gave me antibiotics and more good cough medicine and I am feeling better every day, although the cough hasn't disappeared and I am quite tired.  I made it in to work today.  I have a spread sheet on my deck top that I need and a few others things to do that are difficult to do from home.  I don't know how long I'll be here, but hopefully I can make it through to lunchtime.

Well ... so how about the Seahawks?  What a game yesterday!!  They won, but only at the last second because of a missed field goal from the Vikings.  And now they are going to play the Panthers next weekend.  That will be some game.  I could barely stand this one.  What a roller coaster ride!

Yesterday I finally felt good enough to do a little knitting, and managed to do an entire 24 row repeat on the Dunes wrap.  Last Friday I got my Yarnbox and Artyarns box and it is gorgeous!  I just love it!  I almost started that instead but not yet.

So -- I've got to dig myself out from this pile!!

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