13 January, 2016

Kicked it!

Holy cow --- it seems like I've been sick for months rather than a couple of weeks. But you know what?  Today I feel normal.  I really didn't feel well on Monday, but I made it in to work.  I took yesterday and just rested at home and all I did was a couple of emails and my 5 o'clock meeting.  There are ways I know I'm really sick - like I can just lay on the couch and look outside and not be bored and I can't knit.  Yesterday I woke up at 8, rather than 10 and I was hungry.  And I felt like doing things.  I ended up working on the Dune wrap.  Ahhh ... and I slept all night without waking up once with a coughing fit.  That is the biggie. 

So ... now what?  It's that dark time of the year.  Football, thankfully, is still on for the Seahawks.  They are playing the Carolina Panthers this weekend for the second game of the playoffs.  Another morning game, since it's away.  I sure liked it a lot better when they were the number one seed and all of our games were at home and at 1 o'clock.  But they're in the playoffs.  That's the good thing.  So anyway, in a few weeks football will be over for the year and the days will still be dark.  I'll be working on the European trip again but it's only two weeks and it won't take nearly as much work as the other trip.  Work is going to be a slog.  We know that. 

I am going to the mall this weekend.  I realized that I haven't had any new clothes since September!  It makes a huge difference not living so close to a mall.  I don't just go and browse much any more.  It has to be a destination.  Well it will be this Saturday.  I'm going to return a couple of Christmas things and get some new clothes!  Maybe some shoes and definitely I need a new coat too.  It'll be fun! 

It is pouring rain.  The cold weather has taken itself off to the mountains and now we've got the mid-40s and heavy rain.  Wet, big sloppy drops.  it's a bitch to drive in.  I do not like it.

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