06 January, 2016

How NOT to start a new year

Sick.  Sick as a dog.  That horrible cold and cough I had starting in November never really went away.  Then January 2nd I woke up with an even worse cold.  And sore throat and ears aching.  I tried to get in to see my doctor but she's booked out until Saturday so Sunday I went to Urgent Care and saw the same people I saw on November 15th.  I have more of a rapport with them than I do my GP!  Anyway the good news is that I don't have the flu but another virus, RSV.  If you have influenza there is Taiflu but for this, nothing but rest and OTC.  So I am resting in between all of the video meetings and all of the other work I can do from home.  Of course, I've been not so busy but now .... busy.  But I can snooze between meetings and since the neighborhood is quiet, take Tink for walks in my jammy bottoms.  I hope to be back on my feet soon.  This sucks.

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