15 January, 2016

End of a non-sick week

Hooray!  I am feeling 100% finally and even dried my hair straight last night!  Now with the new meetings schedule I have an early morning meeting on Friday and Monday.  I got the 7:11 am bus and that gets me to work way before 8 so that I can be ready for the meeting. 

Oh this meeting .... on and on and on.  I think it's better than having this as 5 o'clock at night.  Then when 7 rolls around ..... gahhhh  At least now it'll be most of my morning gone which is , yay!

No knitting last night.  Just a lot of talking and a couple of stupid TV shows.  I wanted to stay up until 10 so I could have a good night and I did.  But now I'm so darned tired.

I'd like to get some knitting done this weekend.  I've got a big shopping trip on Saturday since I haven't had any new clothes since September.  But then it's football.  And football and more football.  Go Hawks!!

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