19 January, 2016

The end of the season

Oh dear .... the Seahawks lost to Carolina Sunday morning.  It was a terrible game in the first half - they got hit hard and fast and never pulled out of the dive.  In the second half it was a different story and we scored and they didn't but it wasn't enough.  So .... next year then.  The bad news is that there's no more football until August pre-season.  The good news is that by then I'll be that close to retirement.  In fact I think the first football game of the season is the weekend after I retire.  I'll have to check that out.  Oh, that makes me happy!

I had a pretty busy weekend.  Saturday I spent a few hours at the mall buying some new clothes - I hadn't had anything new since September.  I also got a couple of new bras and some totally cute new boots with fringe.  Oh, and a beautiful pink fake suede coat.  It's machine washable and SO beautiful!  I was going to get myself a new winter coat but I couldn't resist this.  I'll make due for this winter and get a new winter coat next year.

I made a quiche Saturday night for Sunday's breakfast and that was about it.  Then Sunday the game.  I knit for the entire time, it was so nerve wracking that I couldn't stand to watch it directly.  As I was preparing a side dish for dinner I was chopping onions, the knife slipped and I cut my middle finger badly.  Oh my goodness, it hurt like crazy!  The onion juice ... nasty.   It's still quite sore today but I don't think it's infected.

Yesterday I had the day off - MLK day - and I had a hair and nail appointment set for 11.  I couldn't get the nails done because of the cut finger, but I got my toes done and my hair.  Then it was gas up the truck, do the grocery shopping, have lunch and get some laundry going and, finally, wash Tinkerbell.  After that I had a good part of the afternoon left, so I wound up the Artyarns yarn and started the project from the latest Yarnbox.  It's a beautiful little scarf/wrap thingie.  I love love love the colors I got this time - beautiful teal-ish super soft deluxe silk and mohair.  I wondered if it was going to be strong enough to be wound, but it was.  I got a up to row thirty before I put it aside for a movie.

This is going to be a weird week.  Today nothing much on, tomorrow a full day seminar and Wednesday a full day mini-retreat for MBB.  It's going to drag on and on and on.

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