27 January, 2016

Only one more thing to do

Well my friend in France got me all riled up and anxious for our trip this spring, so yesterday I got off my duff and got our accommodations for the rest of the trip.  I've got a place in the old city in Monterosso, a place in central Rome and a nice duplex in the Marais.  So today I've got to sort out the travel plans -- train from the airport (or Paris) to Beaune, a sleeper from Dijon to Milan and on to Monterosso, train from Monterosso to Rome and a flight from Rome to Paris.  I did some sleuthing a few months ago, so it shouldn't be too bad.  Then I can relax and daydream about the trip!  Unfortunately my friend Emma won't be able to meet up with us, but she's planning a trip in September to visit here, so that'll be nice.  I'll miss her but it's nice knowing we have September to look forward to.  And it's always so beautiful here at that time of the year.

I baked some zucchini muffins last night with golden flax meal.  I haven't eaten one yet.  I'm saving it for my breakfast.  It smells great though so I'm hoping the taste will be decent.

More work on the Artyarns shawl.  I brought it in with me today.  I should be able to finish that thing up this weekend and then get the camel Dunes stole done.  And then I'll work on the cardigan I think.  I'm feeling it.  Or I'm starting to feel it.

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