29 January, 2016

Eary meeting day again

Oh I am beginning to regard Fridays much like Mondays.  No "bonk" on the alarm - I just have to jump out of bed and hit the ground running.  This isn't usually much of a hardship -- in fact, much more of a hardship for Tinkerbell who doesn't like getting out in the cold and dark to do her business any earlier than she has to.  But when I have a night like last night when I can't sleep, then it's much much harder.  And I don't know why I couldn't sleep either.  I read in bed until I couldn't keep my eyes open and then when the light went off -- pop goes my eyes.  And I was reading a book, not on the iPad so we can't blame the computer screen.  Ah well, it is Friday so I can sleep in tomorrow.  Ahhhhh yesssss!

I did a lot of good work on the Artyarns project and in fact finished up the lighter of the two solid colored yarns.  Again, I hope to finish that up this weekend.  I am getting rather excited about making an actual garment again.  I still haven't decided if I'll do the lace front draped cardigan or something with the new Merino Cloud I bought.  I'm still looking for the right pattern.  It probably would be best to start the lace fronted cardigan just because I am more likely to wear a spring garment.  Decisions decisions

The rain continues.  Solid, nonstop, soggy.  And it's rather warm to boot.  Perhaps we'll be having an early spring and no winter again.  It was supposed to snow on the weekend but that chance has disappeared as the temperature rises.  It definitely is lighter and in about eight weeks we'll be turning the clocks again.  The year just zooms along.

And speaking of zooming, I got nearly all of my train reservations done yesterday.  Getting the night train reservation was the hardest.  Boy, you have to practically belong to a secret society to figure that one out.  You need to go directly to the Thell site and even then it wasn't a straightforward experience.  Regardless I got it done.  It's not cheap to get your own compartment but I just can't see sleeping in a room with strangers.  Not going to happen.  So Ben and I have our own sleeper compartment from Dijon to Milan.  Seven hours.  It'll be lovely.  We do have a rather fast connection to Monterosso.  We are scheduled to get in at 5:50 and the Monterosso train leaves at 6:05.  I am sure we can make it in 15 minutes if our train is on time.  If not, then we can catch the train at 8 o'clock.  I just don't want to reserve that one because I don't want to hang around Milan train station unless I am forced to do so.  We'll do our best to make the connection.  Oh thank goodness I have that trip to look forward to!

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