11 May, 2016

Catching my breath

Yesterday I felt pretty normal although I got very tired in the late afternoon.  Today I'd say I'm 99%.  I had a great night's sleep and I feel pretty good this morning.  For some reason jet lag was not so easy to get over this trip.  But I did much better than Ben, who napped extensively on Sunday even though I told him he should stay up.  Because of that he didn't sleep Sunday night much at all.  I think he's over it today too, finally.

We got home Saturday after an long and uneventful trip home.  Because I had trouble checking him through all the way to Seattle, we got to CDG about an hour earlier than we normally would, just to make sure we could handle whatever was up.  Turned out it was nothing, but better safe than sorry.  I watched movies pretty much the entire day.  I tried to sleep on the Iceland to Seattle leg, but I could not. 

Susan, Ben's sister, had retrieved Tinkerbell from the Doggie Care Resort for us, so she was home when we got home.  And all groomed too!  It was great to have her there.  We were too exhausted to go to the store for anything to eat, so we foraged in the freezer and I managed to stay up until 9. 

The trip --- well, it was great as usual.  My friend Deirdre always rents the best places and she and Eoghan are so much fun to be with.  We spent Saturday through Thursday with them in Corgoloin, a little village outside of Beaune.  We visited some sights, ate some great meals and relaxed.  Thursday night we took the night train from Dijon to Milan, then from Milan to Monterosso where we spent Friday through Sunday.  We love Monterosso but I think we've done with the Cinque Terre.  Monday off we went to Rome, which was just as noisy, crowded and annoying as I remember.  We walked and walked and saw the major sights, but outside.  No standing in lines for us.  And then Thursday we flew back to Paris and spent two days there.  We did a very touristy thing and rode the tour boat on Friday and otherwise just walked and ate and enjoyed the great weather.  There is never enough time for me in Paris.  I'm going back in December to celebrate Kelli's 60th birthday.  Cannot wait.

I was anxious to knit and Sunday I worked on the mohair Venomous Tentacula for a while.  We went to Costco for supplies and we went to bed early.  And Monday I took the day off to get my hair done and because I had the vacation time and then spent the entire morning - I got up at 5 am! - getting my check.  Ahhhh ...... and now, you know what?  All I am thinking about and working towards is September 2nd - my last day at work.  Yesterday I spilled the beans to the School of Medicine.  They were not happy but that's the way it goes.  *I* am happy.

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