24 May, 2016

Taking steps

I didn't do a lot of real work yesterday, but I did get in touch with the SSA to answer the questions they had on my application.  So that's squared away.  Then I called the DRS and asked for an estimate of benefits and an application.  I could do it on line and actually I think I have a hard copy in my retirement packet from the seminar, but I just really wanted to find out what the amount is that I will be getting.  I have an idea from on line but I would like the final true amount.  I was happily surprised by the SSA.  I'd like another nice surprise along those line.  Also, I've got a financial management firm lined up and I'll be seeing them soon as well.  Ducks lining up.  I love it.  Now I've just got to slog through the summer.

Do nothing Monday is back and I didn't do a danged thing last night except get my food ready for today and heat up some leftovers.  I watched a bit of the Mariners game and then went to read in bed.  I have been in a reading mood lately.  Hopefully I can pick up the lace front cardigan again tonight.  I'd like to push to get that done.  I'm ready to be done with it however I have quite a few repeats of the lace pattern to get through.

Up today - a Zoom meeting at 10:30 and then I'm leaving on the 1:40 bus for a 2:30 nail appointment and my late afternoon meeting.  And then tomorrow I get my new computer!!  yay!  I am really excited about that.  I received my case yesterday from Amazon.   It is going right into the case.

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